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Vaishno Devi Trip

My first trip Delhi to katra

My first trip was started from Delhi to Katra the holy place of Mata Vaishno Devi. We followed up Delhi to Vaishno Devi Katra Shri Shakti Express. Katra has been a symbol of faith many devotees come from around the world. The journey of Mata Vaishno Devi is very importance for the pilgrims and therefore, for those who prefer rail journey.


After exhausted train journey finally we found cheap hotel, near the hill. You can find as per your desire after few hours rest and breakfast we were feeling fresh now start to climb the mountain. We reached to Darshani Deodhi or Darshani Darwaza(meaning entrance) . Everyone says that Mata Vaishno Devi met Pandit Shridhar at this spot in the form of a girl child. It's a symbol of Darshan Mata vaishno. When you move ahead found there are two gates at this point the first(older gate) leads to a flight of stairs and the second(newer gate) One can either walk up to the Darshani Darwaza on foot or hire an auto rickshaw,it has been developed by Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board with adequate parking for private vehicles. Even you can drive your own to the new gate.In mid 80's prior to the take over of the management of Shrine by the Board, the track was pot-holed, kutcha and littered with loosely laid stones.


Earlier days facilities were less but now 120 water points and about 20 water coolers have been installed enroute the track from Banganga to Bhawan. In earlier days was hardly any sanitary arrangements over there. However, now about 600 latrine seats with modern flushing system have been provided along the track and Bhawan. Construction of a new track Keeping in View the increased influx of pilgrims they faced inconvenience due to the movement of ponies. The new track poularly called the alternate track and no ponies are allowed. If you keep walking on alternate track which have been starting from just below Adhkuwari near Inderprastha view point from 500 meters shorter than the old track.

At the arrivel on Parchi Check Post, pilgrims start to walk and reach a small bridge under which flows Banganga river associated with the miracles and legends of Mata, and it's flow of the water in the river all through the year except those days when there is an acute shortfall of rain or snow during the monsoon and winter respectively. People considered sacred and as is part of normal Hindu tradition, devotees like to bathe in it before proceeding further. Banganga river name comes from two terms, Ban and Ganga. Ban means Arrow and Ganga stands for the holy river Ganges. According to local legend, the Shree Ram asked some water to his brother lakshman, he shot the arrow underneath the ground generate water ,which comes from Ganga river.


Charan Paduka

The place where the imprints of Mata's pious feet are believed to be imprinted on a rock slab its about 1.5 kms. from Banganga. Even you can find so many sales outlet, refreshment units, drinking waterpoints, water cooler, number of Tea/Coffee, Soft Drinks sales outlets have been installed. If compare to earlier day now quite number of Toilet blocks have been constructed on the Alternate Track with a view to provide clean public utilities to the visiting Devotees. Battery vehicle Booking facility is available depends on Circumstances, you can get at Inderprasth (Adhkuwari) point and Manokmana Bhawan for sick and handicap devotees.



Keep walking on the route around 500 mtrs. from Inderprastha Ardhkuwari is the half way mark on the track as it is situated at a distance of the Holy Cave is nearly 6 km. away. Adkuwari is the most important Darshans on the visit, after the main Darshans at the Holy Cave. According to the legend believed Adkuwari word have came from Adi kumari, which means "The Eternal Virgin". When Vaishnavi, disappeared in the form of a small girl from the Bhandaara she halted at Banganga and Charan Paduka from there she reached Adkuwari,the bhandaara was organized by Pandit Shridhar. Where, in a small womb shaped cave she meditated and observed spiritual discipline (Tapasya) for nine long months, As like baby inside the womb.


Bhairon Nath temple

After long walk hourly finally we reached Bhairon nath temple. According to the legends, According to the legends says, Bhairon Nath was killed by Vaishno Devi. After realised his mistake seeking an apology was given by Devi even giving her a boon said that my vision would not be considered as complete unless a devotee would appear to you after me. The architectural design of this beautiful temple is simple, yet, enticing. It is built in rectangular and is perched on a high platform along with beautified by fixing marble tiles and slabs . According to the legends believed that the journey to Mata Vaishno Devi is not complete without the darshan in Bhairon Temple but all these possible efforts of pilgrims who visit Bhairon temple have made much more convenient and memorable.




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