Ambrosia Bliss


Ambrosia Bliss is one of the largest places to eat in Connaught Place, with two terraces and a spacious, well-lit interior plus is an all rounder not only is it a restaurant but it features like a nightclub and a bar also. Try the Afghani Manto and Vegetarian Bolognese from a varied menu.



Berco’s serves both Chinese cuisines and some Thai dishes too and it's décor is inspired by Chinese culture too, with plenty of Chinese art and paintings decorating the walls. And unlike many other Chinese restaurants, it specializes in authentic Chinese cookery, using traditional techniques and fresh ingredients. Try the chicken drumsticks and Singapore noodles with fruit beer (a refreshing highlight).

Address: G-2/43A, Middle Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi, India

Pebble Street


Pebble Street is one of the liveliest and happening places in Connaught Delhi with most anticipated event though is the Saturday feel like Bollywood nights encourages guests to let their hair down and break out the Bollywood moves.

Address: 61-62, N Block, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi, India

Castle 9‘s


With its Pop Art-inspired décor, Castle 9 is a light and fun place for a light bite with world cuisine is comprehensive, offering Indian, Chinese, Italian, American, Mexican, Thai, Lebanese, Indonesian, Spanish and even Afghani style dishes. Highlights from the menu include the gosht rogan josh and the grilled fish. Even Visitors have enjoy excellent views of Delhi through the large French windows.



Parikrama is the highest restaurant in the city, located some 240 feet above the streets, and the only revolving one too. Panoramic windows give you a range of spectacular views as you revolve, while dining on well-executed North Indian, Chinese or Mughal cuisine at the same time.



Nando's is a South African restaurant chain that specialises in Portuguese-African food with their logo is the famous Portuguese symbol, the Rooster of Barcelos , such as peri-peri style chicken dishes. The chicken restaurant now serves a selection of new beers menu having been mapped, cider and sparkling wine against the PERi-ometer to match your personal spice level.

BBQ Nation


BBQ Nation is best the ambience and vibe of Connaught Place and amazing food they serve makes it the best .With barbecue and non-barbeque options like 'Mushroom', 'Paneer', 'Patty', 'Assorted Exotic Grill Veg', 'Cajun Potato', 'Pinapple', 'Crispy Corn', 'Potatoes', 'Mutton Sheek Kebab', 'Tangdi Kebab', 'Chicken Drum Stick', 'Deep Marinated Fish' and more, you can take a hard pass on the main course.



If you love Japanese food is fresh and absolutely delectable must love the Sushi, Yakitori and the Pork Fried Rice, and appreciate its authentic flavours without customisation for the Indian palate, this is where you should head to. We discovered this little gem and it deserves a prime spot in this list. They offer traditional seating as well as sofa seating and the patrons are usually all Japanese.

Lord of the Drinks


Try the loaded fried here, we like ours with sausages in barbeque sauce a massive space with a bar in a corner and seating on various levels, Lord of the Drinks is perhaps the best pick for days when the weather is conducive. If a you’re looking for terrace bar, it does not get better than this. The terrace is operational only from 7pm though.

Rodeo Cantina & Kitchen


CP is not just central Delhi but also central point of good restaurant. Rodeo in CP that reopen in an all-new Mexican avatar. Their menu’s got potent tequila cocktails, the most appetising Churros and Mexican street-food inspired dishes, Here’s what awaiting for.




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