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First you reached at katra you looking forward for best hotel and resturant as well. Katra town is situated 48 km from Jammu. From this town we took a trek of 12 km that took us to the Holy Shrine. You will found There are various guest houses, lodges, resorts and luxury hotels too, while reached at Trikuta Mountains they serves as the base camp for visiting the shrine of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi. As it is a religious place i heard many time there you get only vegetarian meal without onion garlic, but i was wrong some resturant offer meal with garlic and onion. According to Ayurveda, the heat-inducing combination of onion and garlic stokes baser instincts such as carnal desires and mental lethargy. we denied cause hicking on mountain. Before left the place had lunch to collecting energy,but the meal was delicious.

All kinds of north Indian food serves as the base camp for pilgrims en route to Vaishno Devi at katra, even authentic Kashmiri cuisine or a Punjabi thali. Apart from all of this Katra is the unique blend of regional cuisine with food from neighbouring states. So whether you order paneer lababdar, pao bhaji, pizza or burger adhere to rules of sattvic cooking not skimp on flavour. Katra is perfectly placed, geographically, to offer a wealth of ingredients grown locally -- saunf, sonth, haldi, deghi mirch, anardana, almonds, saffron, nuts such as walnuts, local spices such as hing, kasoori methi, tumba ajwain, shahi zeera, elaichi,pears, cherries, plums, pomegranates, peaches, tamarind, mustard, cinnamon, and apples, apricots, pears, cherries, plums, pomegranates, peaches.


Another introduction one must is Rajma-chawal, the traditional Sunday feast in every Kashmiri home. Rajma red kidney beans, grown in Jammu,the bean is a powerhouse of proteins and minerals. Nadru yakhni aromatic preparation where the lotus stems are cooked in creamy yoghurt and it is made without onion and garlic. Second most famous is Collard greens (haakh) included in most meals of the Kashmir Valley. The spinach-like haak is the most beloved, with its subtle flavour tinged with pungency that's accentuated by the mustard oil. Haak Leaves are harvested by pinching in early spring when the dormant buds sprout and give out tender leaves known as kaanyil haakh.


The Kashmiri style of plating is serve to on an intricately carved copper plate with a lid (sarposh). You can expect a dum aloo and haak, nadru yakhni, rajma etc. — all foods that valuable for the trek ahead and make you hurry back down for more. If you are short on time and want the best of Katra on a platter, order a trammi or traem — a platter of four to five accompaniments to rice, local breads and salad.




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